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Try out a new continent of taste with Indian coffee beans

By Carol Finch

If you visit a lot of barista-style coffee shops then you may have already come across Indian coffee beans. The beans produced in this country may not appear in every store as a matter of course and buying them may not always be easy - but this may be all the more reason to try and find some for yourself - you could be in for a whole new coffee drinking experience.

The truth is that India produces some extremely fine coffees that could make you anything from a capuccino through to a strong dark expresso. You could even surprise your grinder if you discover a striking green bean in your bag of coffee - all coffee produced in the country for its own use is dyed a shade of green with vegetable dyes and some slip through the net!

So, don't just think that India is the place to go for tea - there are some premium java brews coming out of the country as well. For example, many coffee aficionados really rate the taste and quality of Monsooned Malabar and also that of Mysore. These two coffee beans produce some of the finest cups of coffee you are ever likely to taste.

Unfortunately the coffee industry in India doesn't seem to be the best organized in the world. There are plenty of coffee suppliers and plenty of different types of beans but not all of them will make it to every market. So, if you do fancy a cup of the exotic sounding Monsooned Malabar or Mysore then you may not find it readily available in your local store or even in a specialty coffee store.

Your best bet here may be to go online to buy here - the real nice thing is that neither of these coffees has to have premium cost attached even if they do give you a premium taste.

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