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Surprise your taste buds today with Cameroon coffee beans!

By Carol Finch

You may be surprised to know that Cameroon coffee beans may make you a great tasting cup of coffee. The country hasn't always had the strongest reputation in recent years for coffee growing even though its climate and growing conditions are great for coffee.

As is often the case the conditions may be great but the actual mechanics of producing and marketing good coffee haven't always matched the quality of the bean. So, a lot of coffee drinkers miss out on some great taste opportunities as their past experiences may not always have been so great.

However, things have changed in recent years and coffee beans from Cameroon are now being produced to much higher quality standards. So, you will probably be able to find Cameroon beans out there that will suit your coffee drinking tastes if you take the plunge and give them a go.

The country produces both Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties so you'll have plenty of coffee to choose from for both everyday drinking and for special occasions. And, in the majority of cases, the beans grown here are harvested by small coffee growers who work organically in co-operative organizations which is another plus point.

You may need to experiment a little with Cameroon beans to find one that suits you best but it's worth persevering here. Experts rate good Cameroon coffee very highly - it produces a great tasting cup of coffee that is full of body and an almost chocolate type of flavor.

Keep an eye out for Cameroon's Longberry coffee - this coffee is kind of like a Peaberry but it's exclusive to the country and is held to produce a milder cup of coffee with all the kick that is the trademark of the region.

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