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Looking for the perfect brew? Learn how to select perfect coffee beans & quality coffee makers

Whether you're a single cup drinker or a Java addict, our site Coffee N' Beans will have something for you.

If you've only heard of Folgers, Maxwell House, and Columbian coffee, then you're certainly limiting your palate.

There are countless other brands and styles of coffee, along with many other countries producing radically different beans. You certainly could be having a better cup of joe than you do now!

And that's where Coffee N' Beans comes in: here you'll have access to information and reviews about coffee beans, makers, espresso machines, and much more.

Just what you need to develop a sophisticated coffee palate!
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So, what else can you find here?

Coffee N' Beans covers a wide range of coffee related topics; here's just a few:
  • Beans - If you're comfortable with the same old brew every morning, then great! But most people want to switch things up and are afraid of trying something they might not like.

    Today you have access to many different types and styles of coffee beans. Everything from traditional ground coffee and whole green coffee beans are available from many different regions around the world. Here you can learn about what makes beans grown in different regions unique and the various types of beans available.

  • Makers - Whether you want a quality cup of coffee, espresso, or cappuccino, it often comes down to the machine you brew it in. And in that regard, your options are limitless! (almost)

    You'll need to learn if a traditional drip coffee machine is what you want, or if single serve maker will save you time and money.

    Also at Coffee N' Beans, you'll be able to read about various combo makers that prepare everything from coffee to espresso.

  • Accessories - In addition to the coffee beans and maker, there are plenty of other goodies you can get. Everything from coffee grinders and roasters for the freshest beans, to simple filters and mugs can be found online. As you guessed it, all of those items will also be covered here as well.

So, set back and relax with a cup of coffee (what else?) and enjoy learning more about the beverage that gives you a jump start every morning.


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